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Upgrade Academy


The Upgrade Academy fills the gap between the needs of various stakeholders and existing initiatives. It is a place where all our partners can meet, gain opportunities for development, share experiences and knowledge, and innovate.

Upkot coaches Academy


The focal points

of the Upgrade Academy


Expert in huisvesting


Offering opportunities
to gain experience

Familiale waarden





Developing skills

Exceptionele architectuur


Sharing knowledge
and insights

In practice...


Traineeships and jobs for students & young professionals within our company

Upspiration sessions with all our stakeholders

Coaching of Upkot students by the Upkot coach 

Coaching of our staff by the Happiness Officer

Welcome coach for every new employee

Upgrade Academy
Upgrade Academy

Internal and external training for staff

Staff meetings

Seminars and webinars for our clients

Interesting lectures

Mentorship program for Upkot students

Innovation group within the company

Upkot mentorshipproject
Upgrade Academy

In de kijker Upkot Mentorship Program