A few years ago the company department Limoengroen was established in order to give our projects a green character for the future. This does not mean that negligible green techniques are implemented, but that an advanced form of green energy generation and recuperation is realised.


In 2013 Upgrade Estate was given the Environmental Charter of East Flanders, a project of Voka East Flanders with the support of the province of East Flanders, rewarding the companies that care for the environment.


Upgrade Estate has even called a sustainability mascot into existence: ‘de kotkip’ (‘the dormitory chicken’). ‘De kotkip’ is a fictitious character with its own Facebook page. ‘De kotkip’ cackles out tips for a sustainable student dormitory and posts ecological and green tips on a daily basis. Our student projects even include real ‘dormitory chickens’, processing the students’ organic waste.



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